boltfish recordings have released patchwork - a double cd of cool remixes by various electronic
artists, including the z-arc remix of cheju track 'camelia'.
check boltfish for details.. ..plus another excellent review at tesselate.. > http://www.tesselate.me.uk/reviews/issue26/patchwork.htm


octoberman recordings have released an excellent double cd entitled sensitive to light,
a various compilation by electronica artists - including z-arc tracks phobos + deimos.
(sold out).


boltfish will be releasing a double cd of remixes in december called patchwork -
cheju track 'camelia' remixed by z-arc will feature among the selection.
check boltfish for further info/updates..


swedish music team 'groove.se' have reviewed magnetic shift.
..pdf document [approx 370kb] from here > http://www.groove.se/pdf/groove05-03.pdf